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      He turned to Norah.

      "Doctor Bronson has been there before, hasn't he, father?" said Mary, when the explanation was ended.CHAPTER XXV.

      They went there and found a pretty park on a hill that overlooked[Pg 139] a considerable portion of the city. At one side of the park there was an enclosure containing several tombs of the shogoons, or tycoons, of Japan, and there was a neat little temple that is held in great reverence, and receives annually many thousands of visitors. On an edge of the hill, where a wide view was to be had over the houses of the great capital, an enterprising Japanese had erected a restaurant, which he managed after the European manner, and was driving a profitable business. He was patronized by the foreign visitors and residents, and also by many of the Japanese officials, who had learned to like foreign cookery and customs during their journeys abroad, or were endeavoring to familiarize themselves with its peculiarities. Our friends found the restaurant quite satisfactory, and complimented the proprietor on the success of his management. It is no easy matter for a native to introduce foreign customs into his hotel in such a way as to give satisfaction to the people of the country from which the customs are taken.

      He signed the letter to Lord Inverbroom and sent the boy back with it.I imagine so, as I was opening the bazaar, said Mrs Keeling, with some dignity.

      "Don't interrupt me, Smith. Yes, Clifton. You're not to reach there to-night--"

      The Doctor scarcely heard this. He had[Pg 134] turned aside and stooped down in order to rewind the engine of his car. When he looked up again he beheld an extraordinary sight.

      "You're so pretty," he whispered. "You're so very beautiful."


      "Sweet heart," replied Miss Harper, "very good! very good! but now say no more of that sort. God bless you, dear, just let yourself be happy. Good-night--no, no, sit still; stay where you are, love, while Camille and I go in and Richard steps around to the stable and puts our team into the road-wagon; for, Captain Ferry, neither you nor he is fit to walk into Brookhaven; we can bring the rig back when we come from church to-morrow."Leona Lalage was the first to recover herself.



      "Please, Doctor," said Mary, "what do you mean by legal tender?"