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      "Just a moment," Leona said eagerly. "Suppose I deny that. How are you going to prove that I did so?"

      All these things constitute technical knowledge, and the privilege of their acquirement is an element of value. The common view taken of the matter, however, is that it costs nothing for a master to afford these privilegesthe work must at any rate be carried on, and is not retarded by being watched and learned by apprentices. Viewed from any point, the privileges [22] of engineering establishments have to be considered as an element of value, to be bought at a price, just as a ton of iron or a certain amount of labour is; and in a commercial sense, as an exchangeable equivalent for labour, material, or money. In return a master receives the unskilled labour or service of the learner; this service is presumed to be given at a reduced rate, or sometimes without compensation, for the privileges of the works and the instruction received.

      "It is possible," she cried aloud. "Fool not to have thought of it before. What better hiding-place could I have than in the Corner House!"You cant trap us! challenged Sandy.

      It will be found that information of improvements and mechanical progress that a learner may gather from serial publications can always be exchanged for special knowledge in his intercourse with skilled workmen, who have not the opportunity or means of reading for themselves; and what an apprentice may read and learn in an hour can often be "exchanged" for experimental knowledge that has cost years to acquire.

      Come on! agreed Larry.I was not afraid of an inquiry, but asked for it as a matter of fact, by writing in my report:


      "Here they are, with your signature on the back of every one of them," he said. "There is nothing singular about that, seeing that so many tradesmen insist upon having banknotes endorsed. Question is, What's the explanation?"


      VIS DESTROYED: A PREMEDITATED CRIME"Well, I can do no more at present," Hetty told herself. "I had better go to my room and wait for her return. What a wonderful woman! Half-dead a few minutes ago, and now ready for a desperate errand like this!"


      214No excitementnow, I wonder